Dogs, dogs, dogs!!!

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Rodger A. Caras (American wildlife photographer, writer, wildlife preservationist and television personality)
“Aren’t I cute?”

Who could resist the adorable face of a five-week-old Akita puppy? This sweetie is one of a litter of nine puppies from a pair of purebred Akitas that belong to my friend Paula. The puppies are very cute and very messy. They step into their food bowl, which is very large to accommodate the big litter. They even eat while stepping on their food. They love to wrestle with each other and play puppy games. They are soft, fluffy, and totally cute. They love attention and are very huggable. Right now, they are perfect lap dogs, but the time will come when they will be too big to fit comfortably on a lap. But, because dogs have no concept of size, they will still try to climb up onto your lap because they don’t understand that they are too big to be lap dogs.

“Let’s go for a ride!”

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures. The give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.” 

Gilda Radner
Most Handsome Fella

I recently changed doctors. When I went to meet my new doctor for the first time at Clarke Family Medicine, I got the added opportunity of meeting Dr. Kiel’s dog! The doctor’s dog is a very sweet, gentle, and soft animal. Very happy to receive a scratch behind the ears and lots of attention. That was definitely a treat.

Dog at church, ready for a blessing on Pet Blessing Day.
D is for dogs!

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  1. While I have not been a ‘dog-person’ all my life, I am fine with them being around me. But recently, I fell in love – with a dog we met at the airbnb we stayed. He completely changed my mind and now I am ready to be a dog-parent!!

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