E is for eggs

from farm to table

Eggs are delicious and nutritious.

Today, I went to Tom Thompson’s farm to buy eggs. They are always fresh, and, no, I don’t open the carton to check them. That’s been an ongoing post on Facebook, with the majority of people claiming that they would never buy a dozen eggs without opening the carton to check them first. Tom suggested that eggs get broken because so many people are opening the cartons. That would be a lot of people touching the eggs, which now seems rather yucky. And speaking about yucky and egg related, there’s that Facebook question: Do you put mayonnaise and mustard in your egg salad? At some point, I’ll write a blog post about how my dislike for condiments leads to some very silly stories, but this is not the time for that..

So back to the dozen eggs that I bought this morning. I walked back home with my treasure, and I made breakfast. I scrambled two eggs with three types of cheese, asparagus, and green onion. It was really tasty, and the best part is that I know exactly where my food came from. I have seen the chickens running around the farm, so I know that they are free range chickens. And I know that the eggs are collected regularly and are always available for sale at the farm. I consider myself fortunate to have a farm just around the corner from where I live. And speaking about the farm, the regular weekly farmers’ markets will resume early in May, so that’s something to look forward to. I’ll share pictures of that here, once the farmers’ markets get underway.

How do you like to cook your eggs?

5 thoughts on “E is for eggs”

  1. Fresh! I love Thompson Farms! My father worked there in his teens when it was owned by the Kaegebein family! I would love a tour someday. But usually I use my eggs to make delicious spinach omelets stuffed with avocado and parmesan cheese.

  2. I have to be honest, I sometimes do open the carton and check (though I have never touched the eggs themselves in doing so).. as for egg salad, I do use mayo and loads of green onions, celery, etcs and some relish

  3. Farm fresh eggs sound perfect. Ours come from the supermarket. Omelettes, scrambled eggs, with bacon on a roll, occasionally boiled but where would a cake be without eggs?

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