C is for camera

At the beauty parlor, I try to figure out how to take a picture of my camera, and I decide to take this selfie in the mirror.

Today’s post is about my camera. My camera is one of the tools that I use to capture beauty in likely and unlikely places. Other tools that I use are pencils and paint brushes and paints and needles and embroidery floss. 

There I am,taking a picture
of the array of hair
products. Lots of mirrors and glass
adds interest to the appearance
at a beauty parlor. I find
beauty in an expected place.

There are so many ways to capture beauty and to create your interpretation of the beauty that you see around you. 

The camera is a faster tool than paints and pencils. When I don’t enough time to sit down and draw or paint, I can take photographs. The camera is a very versatile tool.

In this cracked earth, in front of a
partially abandoned plaza,
I find these plants growing. Their
determination and resilience
adds the hope of beauty to
a place where beauty
is unexpected.

I use my camera to document my own story, as well as to create art and to do journalism. I try to remember to bring a camera with me at all times, and I encourage that because you never know what you’re going to see and what will translate into an interesting, unexpected image.

This vase is a unique shape and it adds color to what would have been a plain wall at a Chinese restaurant. It is an object that tells a story. Without the vase and the table, this area might have been boring and plain. So, with this, I have found beauty in an unexpected place.

In what places, expected and unexpected, have you found beauty? How do you like to document your experiences with beauty?

9 thoughts on “C is for camera”

  1. i have afriend who has taught to find beauty in the unlikely places , the roofline building s a letterbox whereever. when I acknowledge beauty i am happy and I can feel that all is right with the world. seems to bea matter of training the eye and the heart.

  2. What a cute picture of you! And I love that picture where the plant is growing. It's so neat that you're doing this project.

  3. Enjoyed your post! I love that your taking part in two blog challenges this month! Way to go and what a great challenge to find the beauty. There are so many things to be grateful for and beauty is all around us 🙂

  4. A couple of times, I've found flowers (petunias, usually) growing in sidewalk cracks in downtown Binghamton, New York. That is certain unexpected beauty. With my cellphone (which has become my only camera) I've been able to document unexpected beauty in the world many times.

  5. Cerebrations.biz

    I notice more and more that I am using my camera less. (I am not counting that pixelated wonder on my phone, which is only used to capture things from the newspapers.) Glad to see you still travel and use yours.

  6. A camera is indeed a handy tool. Unexpected moments captured can be a source of a smile years later. Nice post and nice pics!

  7. Paints and brushes are my escape door from a daily hustle bustle of life. I wish to learn photography too someday.

  8. Love the pictures. I am an avid photographer too but prefer my phone's camera to the actual camera. The resilience of the plant braving all odds and growing strong is a beautiful reminder of bravery and strenght in the face of adversity.Lovely post.

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