D is for dreams on a dismal day

The wind blew hard all day. It caused trees to fall over onto cars, streets, electrical wires, and houses. It caused shingles to fly off of roofs and furniture on porches to tip over. I’ve been taking care of a dog, and the wind scared the dog. 

On a stormy day, everything looks dismal. The colors look dull. Everything feels as if were abandoned and lost.

Where do I find the beauty on a day when the steel gray sky closes on on a muddy brown earth? Are those things beautiful?

Are the things that we overlook actually things of great beauty? How about in the things that go unused?

Chairs stacked up against a tree.

Furniture on the porch that waits for humans to use it. It looks so inviting and beautiful, but maybe not today.

These are the things that hold the hope for brighter days to come. Storms wax and wane. The days grow warmer and daylight stays longer. The beauty will be realized as the spring flowers continue to bloom. Today, it is just the promise of the beauty to come. The beauty in this space on a stormy day is beauty in a very unlikely place.

What sort of beauty do you see on a stormy day? Come back tomorrow when we find beauty in something that begins with E!

7 thoughts on “D is for dreams on a dismal day”

  1. I'm a little different…I love an overcast, stormy day. Last night, I listened to the wind's song as it whistled through the trees and beat the trashcan lid against the side of the house. I watched as the lightning crisscrossed the sky, lighting up the dark. I thought it was beautiful; unfortunately the people in a few towns over dealing with a trampoline stuck in their power lines probably did not, lol! Great thought-provoking blog!

  2. "Everything feels as if were abandoned and lost." – maybe this is what makes me feel depressed on dreary, gloomy days!! I think the only beauty I find on days that is the occasional smell of the rain. But it's good that you mention the hidden promise since there could be a lot more April dreariness. I'll try to keep that in mind.

  3. Wind terrifies me as I have seen the damage that downed trees can cause. A lot of people suffered in your part of New York. We never lost power, but as the sun comes up, I'll see what damage there is in my neighborhood. Beauty? Yes, the beauty of knowing what May will (hopefully) bring.

  4. Well, in India it is scorching summer. But all the trees are blooming with beautiful yellow and red flowers. While commuting on roads I today saw a yellow carpet laid on the sides of the road. It was amazing. India does not have many stormy days 🙁

  5. I love that you can see beauty i all things. For me I see the beauty in imperfection. The rusted chair, the flaked off paint. Those things carry a beauty of their own.

  6. Beauty is not in the things but in the person who sees. I see beauty everywhere. Even the unused and unwanted objects. Nice pics Alice.

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