Garden Walk Buffalo: bees and butterflies

On Sunday, July 29th, I had the opportunity to visit a great variety of gardens in Buffalo, during the annual garden walk. The garden walk is always held during the last weekend in July, and this year’s version was the 24th annual garden walk in the City of Buffalo.

monarch butterfly.

I will share photographs of this lovely event over the next few days. Today, I will focus on bees and butterflies.

very large and very busy bumblebee.

Both types of insects are pollinators. Pollinators move pollen from the male structure of a flower (anther) to the female stucture of the same species of plant (stigma). Pollinators are needed because three-quarters of our food supply comes from pollinated plants. 

Other pollinators include mosquitoes, flies, beetles, and various insect species.

brown swallowtail butterfly.

Some types of birds and bats are also pollinators.

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6 thoughts on “Garden Walk Buffalo: bees and butterflies”


    I am a big fan of butterflies. And, I know bees do a great job, but they also create real problems for me. So, I will be partial!

  2. You shared some great photos. t one time, I worked as a beekeeper's assistant. Learned so much fascinating stuff.

  3. Surbhi prapanna

    Being a nature lover I always love to read and explore more info about nature, insect etc. and butterfly is one of my favourite. indeed, learnt a lot about it and great photos. loved it.

  4. I love the idea of sharing garden walk photos.Bees and butterflies are little friends too.I love watching butterglies but bees I am scared off though.

  5. Beautiful shots, and I see a monarch also? It's encouraging – I am told by my rural friend that the milkweed is not doing well due to all the rain we've been getting in the Binghamton area.

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