Ask me anything!!!!


Today, I invite you to ask me anything! Anything at all. Family friendly, of course. Silly is good. Just type your question in the comments section below. To get your question asking creative juices going, here are some sample questions (with brief answers):

1. What would you do if you saw a vampire?


2. What has surprised you the most lately? 

Cookie dough ice cream. I was looking for Cherries Garcia but there wasn’t any. And I’ve been eating nondairy “ice cream” because lactose and my tummy aren’t exactly on speaking terms and an unhappy tummy is a vengeful tummy. Well, anyway, I taste tested the cookie dough ice cream and was surprised at its resemblance to chocolate chip cookies right before they go into the oven.. It was soooooooooo good. 

What sort of things do you like to write? Poems, fractured fairy tales, visual journal entries, letters, What can I say? Writing is fun.

Now it’s your turn!!! Ask away, and I will answer your questions with this Saturday’s blog post!


3 thoughts on “Ask me anything!!!!”

  1. Agree with you about Cherry Garcia, but I've never liked Cookie Dough ice cream. Yippee for you for trying something new, though. I love this post. My question: what adventure would you like to go on next?

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