A new challenge

I heard about this art challenge called the 100-day art challenge. Apparently, it’s an annual event. I had never heard of it before Wednesday, when one of the bloggers I know started sharing her daily pictures. I thought that a daily picture would be a good distraction for me. I need a distraction because I’m giving up chocolate and junk food for Lent, as well as all between-meal snacks other than the occasional fruit. It’s only day three of that, and my tummy and taste buds are still whining. I thought that, if I focused on art, I could distract my mind from endless thoughts of food. I’m not sure if that’s working, but who knows? Maybe in time, it will get easier.

So the black and white art project abruptly ended when I switched my paper from “sea” to “sand.” This paper pops color, even though I am using the same charcoals and the same pastel that I used earlier. It’s more like a “limited palette” than black and white. So it’s a transition to a more colorful March.

Here are some of the images from the end of the black and white project and the start of the limited palette project. Enjoy, and I will share more of the 100-day art challenge next week!

Mardi Gras at the Grand Island Golden Age Center was all about pancakes, bright colors, happy music, and dancing.
At this time of year, spring seems so close, but feels so far away.
It’s still kind of black and white but… kind of… not…
The day three project is starting to be about color, which is good. A nice transition to March, when I hope to see snowdrops and crocuses, the sweetness of spring.

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