Winter’s comeback

It was getting warmer recently and it looked like Winter was on its way out.

“Wait a second,” said Winter. “Why are you counting me out before my time?”

“Um, well, probably because you’re not exactly my favorite season! You send ice and snow and wind and coldness, and it’s so much not fun the later in the season it gets. Could you please just be gone and stay gone?”

Winter looked like it was just thinking a bit. It shook its head and muttered, not liking being called an unfavorite. All of a sudden, it decided to show who was the boss by blowing a cold wind and sending its favorite gifts: snow, wind, coldness, with a topping of ice. It snowed yesterday and then the weather changed to freezing rain, and a ice glaze formed above the snow, rendering it slippery and crunchy. It created difficult transportation conditions, but they calmed down later in the day. That was when I decided to go out in it to take pictures. I attached the ice cleats (aka crampons) that my sister Diane had given me for Christmas to my boots to give me more traction in the snow and ice. My friend Tom picked me up and we took a photo tour of Grand Island.

Winter was laughing a wee bit maniacally as we drove around the Island. In fact, Winter was laughing so hard that it started to cry from sheer glee. When Winter sheds tears, they come in the form of rain. Cold rain. Very cold rain. I don’t think anyone liked that, including the bird watcher in Beaver Island State Park, who was looking at trumpeter swans, canvasback ducks, gulls, and other birds through a spotting scope.

Anyway, before Winter started laughing so hard that it cried, I took a bunch of pictures. Here are a few of them:

Neither rain nor snow bothered this handsome fella.
When the conditions are treacherous, the view is spectacular.
This is the view from farther away.

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