The winter that won’t quit

Just when I thought that ice falling from the sky was history, it rained ice. Well, the technical term for that is sleet. So it sleeted and then, it snowed. I watched it through the window last night and wrote haikus. The snow is now in the process of melting. Which is good. Today, I took pictures. I’m always happy to take pictures but I am now officially tired of winter. So, for the record, winter hasn’t reached the level of atrocious in the same way that it did in 2020, when it snowed on Mothers’ Day!!! But still, annoying. Please, winter, go away and give me spring. Maybe in a few weeks?
Ice falls from the sky
landing hard on the soft ground
late winter nightmare.
Raindrops cling to screens
as a wet snow flutters down
midnight in winter
The wind screams loudly
sad songs from faraway lands
the sky's tears are ice.

2 thoughts on “The winter that won’t quit”

  1. Spicer Creek! Beautifully written Alice! I also heard the ice pelting the windows last night while I took accident claims. Be safe out there!

  2. Alice, stunning pics (especially the one with the chairs so pleasingly arranged!) and beautiful haiku!!!
    We are having snow here in the Bay Area as well (for the first time ever in decades to this extent) The last couple of times that I saw snow up in the mountains, they melted in a couple of hours (before we even thought of driving up to see snow – which is a rarity in our area – until this year…)

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