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It’s time for a food post. Since I made applesauce today, I figured that I would share the process of making applesauce. As long as you have a large pot and a food mill, making applesauce is an easy project.
You start by quartering and coring your apples. For this batch, I used three quarts of apples.

One of the hints that I was given about making applesauce is that it is best to use more than one type of apple. For this project, I chose three types of apple. They are: Ruby Frost, Granny Smith, and Lady Alice (I like the name!). 

The next step is to slice the apples. You’ll want the slices to be fairly thin because they will cook faster.

Before cooking the apples, you’ll boil water. For today’s project, I boiled two cups of water. Once the water is boiled, you’ll add the apples, turn the heat down to “medium,” and cover the pot.

Check the apples every ten minutes. I always set a timer because I can be a bit scatter brained. The apples will cook down. Above in a picture of apples in the process of cooking down.

Once the apples have cooked down, add spices. For this, I used 1/4 cup of sugar, 2/3rds teaspoon of lemon peel and 2/3rds teaspoon of cinnamon.

Every time you check the apples, make sure that there is enough water in the pot. If there is not enough water, make sure to add more.

This is the food mill. You will process the apples through the food mill. It will make the applesauce smooth. I always ran it through the food mill twice because my mom (and other family members) liked their applesauce to be very smooth. I just put it through the food mill once now.

This is the completed applesauce, ready to be eaten. I served myself some applesauce right away, as the applesauce and my dinner were ready at the same time. When you take a taste test of whatever food you’re making, you can see if you need to adjust the seasonings. I decided that the seasoning that I need to adjust was the amount of lemon juice. The applesauce needed more of a lemony flavor. It didn’t have enough lemon juice, possibly because the Lady Alice and the Ruby Frost are sweet apples. The Granny Smith is a tart apple. The applesauce does need to have some additional tartness.

Question: What do you like to cook? Feel free to share recipes in the comment section below. 

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  1. I love to make applesauce. I do it several times in the fall. I like to add raspberries, although I found out (the hard way) that you have to strain out the seeds first. I, also, like to use a mix of cooking apples, and (if I can find them – this year was not a good crop) heirloom apples. I think I have the recipe somewhere on my blog. I don't use a food mill – I'm too lazy for that.

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