The odyssey of the painted chair

Note:  This is an update of a story that I wrote about a year and a half ago about a chair painting project that I did. This was the first piece of furniture that I’ve ever painted. It took me three weeks to paint the chair. After I returned the chair, I wondered what happened to it. This is the story of the chair.

A year and a half ago, I painted a chair for an auction. The goal of the fundraiser was to build a playground for Kaegebein Elementary School in Grand Island. It was truly a labor of love. A few months after the auction, I found out that the money was all raised.

A large group of volunteers got together and, in one day, they built the playground. The people who organized the project had no idea that so many volunteers would come. We got free pizza and pop and cookies. A playground for kids and a free lunch. What’s not to like?

I had been so happy with my chair. It took three weeks to paint. In that time, I managed to bond with it. I always wondered what happened to the chair. Did it get sold? Did it have a new home? 

I was told that, yes, the chair was sold at the auction to someone in Buffalo, who had recently renovated a house. The homeowner had a room that needed to be decorated. That homeowner purchased four chairs at the auction and the sunflower chair was one of them. I found out that the chair sold for more than $90. I am happy that I was able to help out with the fundraising for the playground and even more happy that this playground is giving kids so much happiness.

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