Y is for yesterday and today…

What an adventurous and entertaining weekend I had with my family here in the Wild West! It was warm and sunny, the perfect weather for all sorts of outdoor activities.

Yesterday, we went to the Western Days Parade in Lakeside, and today, we went to the rodeo, also in Lakeside.

The parade was entertaining and there were a plethora of horses and riders.

There were bad guys that looked like they came straight from old TV westerns (except that they were in color, and old TV westerns were always in black and white).

There were ladies in nineteenth century costume, either riding in a buggy pulled by two horses or riding side saddle on a horse. 

The rodeo featured a variety of events.

These included calf roping, barrel racing, and riding bucking broncos.

Some of the riders got on bulls,

whose main goal in life was to throw the riders off as quickly as they possibly could. The amazing thing was that the riders always managed to land on their feet.

The events were fun for all ages! The animals were beautiful and well cared for. As soon as the calves were lassoed in the rodeo, they were released and they trotted off, looking very happy. Both the parade and the rodeo were delightful events, and it was great to get a taste of the wild west. Below are a few more images of both events.

The observation box at the rodeo.

No one stays on a bull for long!

American saddlebred horse with a very long tail.

Riding side saddle and greeting the audience at the parade.

The next generation of riders.

The villains leave the TV westerns and ride into town.

5 thoughts on “Y is for yesterday and today…”

  1. Cerebrations.biz

    While I spent many a day (and night) at Santee, I never did visit this nearby locale. I got my cowboy gee-whizzes via Calgary!

  2. That seems like one super weekend you had, Alice! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos too. The weather looks great as well. No wonder you sound so happy. 🙂

  3. This looks wonderful and definitely an event that I should mark and look out for during future visits to the area 🙂 thank you for the photos and description of the event

  4. Jeanine Byers

    Looks like a lot of fun to watch! Glad you're having fun on your trip. Thanks for being a companion on this month's journey.

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