weekends… to blog or not to blog…

Today’s blogging challenge is to talk about weekends. Do I like to write or blog during the weekend or do I prefer to take the time off?

Well, I don’t know. Maybe a mix of both. It depends on what’s happening on any particular weekend. I don’t like to plan my life far in advance unless I am getting ready to take a trip out of the country, and I need to scout around for cheap airfares. If I am not focused on saving hundreds of dollars, having my experiences pre-planned is not my idea of happiness. 

Of course, there are activities that I simply do every week. Like tap dance. And church. These are regular events.They keep me busy and active and around other people. Speaking about being around other people, I have discovered that my mask is really ineffective in rendering me incognito. One day, I was shopping at Tops. Its full name is “Tops Friendly Markets.” I guess so. I thought, “Hmmm, let’s see if I can be incognito.” Isn’t that a cool word? 

So there I was, marching down the aisles, hiding behind a mask, thinking that I was going incognito. Lost in my own thoughts and surrounded by salad dressing, I jumped half a foot (I’m too lazy to jump high) when, all of a sudden, my congratulatory self-talk involving hiding in plain sight was interrupted by, “HI, ALICE!!!”

Wait. What? Was I that obvious? Maybe it was a fluke. How did anyone recognize me that easily? After the third yelped “HI, ALICE,” I came to the conclusion that hiding in plain sight, even with a mostly covered up face, wasn’t going to work very well.

But I digress. Digressions seem to be a sport for me. Even if I can’t hide behind a mask, I can still digress. Anyway, the weekends. Sometimes, there are cool events to experience. Although lately? Not so much. The pandemic has not ended, even if the I Don’t Wanna Wear a Mask In Chief says it’s no big deal. Just like the flu. Don’t be afraid, he says. I don’t know about that. 

Sometimes, fear is a good thing. Certainly fear of a virus that is known to result in long-term health problems isn’t a bad thing to have. I know, on a weekend, I can take a walk because there really aren’t many people around to potentially spread dangerous virus germs. And a walk is a nice, impromptu sort of activity. The photographs that I take during the walks are usually things that I like to add to a blog post. A walk on a weekend doesn’t lend itself to lots of advance planning. Because I live in the Buffalo, New York, area. The saying here is: “Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes, and it will change.” For sure, it does. A lovely, sunny day can rapidly turn to pouring rain. I have been caught in rainstorms in the past.

And there are times when I’ve found something fun by accident. And I took pictures. Note to self: don’t leave the camera at home. That’s when you’ll start wishing that you had it.

So, anyway, all of these words, just to say that, yes, I like to blog on weekends, especially if I have fun pictures to share. Fun pops up when you least expect it. And yes, I like to skip blogging on weekends, too. Because sometimes, I just need to take… a nap.

See you later!

4 thoughts on “weekends… to blog or not to blog…”

  1. Generally speaking, I take weekends off. Especially during blog challenges. But every once in a while, I will go ahead and blog because there seems to be a good reason to do so. Last month, in he 30-day challenge, I didn't want to miss any blog prompts, so I did blog on the weekends. This month, not so much.

  2. Where do you want to go today?

    On Challenge months, there does not seem to be a weekend. Every day is a blog day and each post takes me three to four hours plus maybe another hour reading and commenting on my new-found friends' posts. Then again, when retired, every and any day can be a weekend.
    So for this month, BLog on!

  3. Cindy Rae Fancher

    Fun thoughts! Good read thank you for the smiles! I try not to take the weekends off from the UBC unless I can schedule ahead. I don't always get that done, but when I can YEAH!

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