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 Today’s blogging challenge is to offer some historical tidbits, both personal and worldwide, and to talk about the changes between then and now. 

Tidbit number one: In 1871, the Chicago fire started. It wasn’t just any fire. It was the Great Chicago fire. It started in a barn after a very dry summer. Early autumn was dry, too. It spread and caused massive damage to Chicago. More than 300 persons died in the fire. This year, the fires are in the west. And they have raged for quite a long time. They were fueled by warm, dry conditions, as well as by wind. Currently, the firefighters’ work is on containment of the wildfires. In California alone, this year, there have been 8.300 wildfires that have destroyed nearly four million acres, which includes approximately 8,800 structures. There were 31 deaths, due to the fires.

Fire always remains a danger. People need to practice good fire prevention techniques, although weather tends to be beyond our control.

Tidbit number two (from my journal): October 8th, 2015: “It’s raining. Kisses from heaven. Today was a good day: Zumba, a walk from Tops in Lewiston to Stella Niagara, painting, rummy jack. I’m happy with my photographs and my painting.” 

October 7th, 2020. It rained earlier today, followed by huge gusts of wind. I went to Partners in Art in North Tonawanda, where I finished a painting that I had been working on for a few weeks. And I am happy with my painting.

Life with art is a life full of color. Years ago, as a teenager, I decided that I had “no talent,” and I abruptly stopped taking art classes. I went back to it as an adult. I really don’t know if I have any talent and I don’t know if that matters. Creating that perfect work of art isn’t necessary or even desirable. I like to think that my artwork is appealing because it is an imperfect representation of the world. It is a representation filtered through my eyes and my imagination. Salvador Dali said, “Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it,” while Bob Ross said, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” 

I think that I am good at creating happy little accidents. And, right now, that is a good place to be.

3 thoughts on “On this day…”

  1. A life full of color! Nice. For some reason, the fire history reminds me of the song, "The Night Chicago Died," but that wasn't about a fire at all, was it? Long time ago, but weren't the lyrics something like, "brother, what a fight it really was?" So, not a fire. Was it about Al Capone? Ah, well. I digress! I love both your recent painting and your artwork, in general. I don't like thinking of artwork as accidental, because I don't think your talent is an accident, at all. And when I sing, though it may be far from "perfect," because I am sure I can't do any of the impressive things voice coaches teach these days, it sounds good enough for me to enjoy it! (Boy, I have a lot to say at 6:30 in the morning)

  2. One of the worst cursing is when we underestimate ourselves. This leads to bad work, reduction in proficiency, and sorrow in life. Your painting is very colourful and emerges positivity. I must say stop using "ACCIDENT" to your hidden talent.

  3. I think fire is the most devastating and fearful. There is no warning From the 1871 devastating fire and now we still have devastation.

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