week five of the 365-day photography project

I just started my second month of the 365-day photography project, and I am just as excited about it today as I was on August 1st. Here is a sampling of the photographs that I took since August 28th. 

On August 29th, I had a day-long gardening job for a lady named Barbara, who had, earlier in the summer, broken her hip. She was getting physical therapy and was walking with her walker. She was getting a good deal of support from her friends and neighbors, which was nice to see. I was happy to take care of Barbara’s garden, and she was happy to see it restored to its former glory.  

On Sunday, I walked to church. So many gardens still blooming! 

I designated Monday to be food preparation day. One of my projects was a batch of double chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

The day started out well, with my famous, or infamous, omelette. I put cheese and onion into the omelette. My mom prefers egg whites to regular eggs so that is what she got.

Here are some apples and pears that I collected from the ground around my neighbors’ trees. They told me that they won’t use any fruit that falls on the ground. I should just help myself. So I did.

The result is pear-apple sauce. The pears and apples are cored and sliced and boiled until soft in a mixture of water and apple cider. Then I put them through a food mill to make the sauce smooth. I don’t add anything to it. No cinnamon, no sugar, no lemon juice… all things that I add to applesauce. The pears add sufficient sweetness so that there is no need to add any sweetener.
On Tuesday, I went to zumba and then went to get my hair done. On my way home, I saw that my usual route was block and that the road was closed. The shoulders of the road were being redone. That was OK by me because the shoulders of that road were tripping hazards. They were broken up and dangerous. I took the scenic route… down the bike path.

There was work being done everywhere, or so it seemed. On another road, liners were being put into the sewers.

Apparently, this is how it is done. The goal is to keep the town from having to dig up the sewers, which would be a super expensive process.

Wednesday was the first day of school. Larry Austin, editor of the Island Dispatch, asked me to take photographs of people coming to the elementary school for their first day. They came on foot, with parents in tow, and they were all happy to see the crossing guard, who was like a member of the extended family. 

Teachers and returning students were happy to re-connect.

Morning announcements with the principal and a group of fifth graders. The principal welcomed everyone to a new school year. The students took turns reading announcements, and all ended by singing “The Star Spangled Banner.”
There is a peace garden at the school. It is quite lovely and a meditative spot.

Tea time.

double cattail.

lovely little flower.

On Thursday, at the Grand Island Historical Society’s September meeting, Carol Rogers of the New York State Department of Parks, Recreation, and Historical Preservation talked about the Great Gorge Route, which I described in yesterday’s blog post.

The mouse explores River Lea.

On Friday, I made applesauce! Loads of kitchen fun. I used apples that I found on the ground. I did pick some apples from the tree in front of my house.

On Saturday, I went for a walk. It was a very toasty walk because, all of a sudden, or so it seemed, it got hot and humid. The colors were vivid and the flowers were lovely, and I wasn’t complaining about the weather. My memories of the Nightmare from Hell winter have yet to approach anything that would be considered nostalgia. In fact, I still recall last winter with a feeling that would be more like horror. So I am perfectly happy with any summertime weather, even sticky and hot.

Wild chicory. It grows along roadside and pretty much everywhere. It is a lovely color.

This is, of course, to be continued!

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