W is for wing

At last, it really feels like spring. After snow and wind and freezing weather, spring has finally arrived. Today, I was out for a walk and I saw two geese and their family of nine goslings. The whole family was pecking at the ground. I would guess that they were looking for something to eat. I think that walking and pecking are skills developed early, but flight takes longer. Their wings don’t look quite ready yet. According to articles I found on the internet, goslings take their first flight when they are about ten weeks old.

Here are some of the goslings, in gosling explorer mode. Except for one, who looks like the audience for the more active siblings.

Here is a parent, watching over the curious kids.

3 thoughts on “W is for wing”

  1. Very cute family, Alice. We have lots of Canada geese out and about but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the babies. Our spring is on and off here – hot and cool. Today it is cool.

  2. Our goose family in our subdivision just had babies and they are so cute! The perfect word for W! Can’t wait to see the littles ones take flight. Congratulations on another UBC!

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