V is for vision

It’s finally spring. A time to enjoy watching the barren ground come back to life and to vivid colors. The floral image that I made today was made with on black paper (actually more like a cardstock weight paper). I love the black paper because it help make the light colors pop out. I really like the pan pastels. They are similar to soft pastels, except they are neater to use. When I use chalk pastels, I tend to wear them after I’m done with my art project for the day.

And, despite the rain, it was also a good day for photography. Spring flowers. Here are some pictures of the beautiful flowers of springtime.

These crocuses are among the first flowers of spring. They offer color to a barren landscape and to people who have tired of the monochromatic nature of winter.

I saw these beautiful hyacinths at Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland. I noticed that the trees had already flowered, and that there were a variety of spring flowers blooming on April 8, the day when we went to Cleveland to watch the eclipse. Many of the flowering trees were already blooming. It appears that spring unfolds a few weeks earlier in Cleveland than in Buffalo..

Brightly colored daffodil on a rainy day reminds me why I love spring so much. I saw this at the new reading garden at the Grand Island Memorial Library.

Thanks to the vision of a number of people who love their library, as well as library director Bridgette Heintz, this lovely reading space is becoming a reality. It is dedicated to the memory of Richard Earne, a member of the Rotary Club who loved his library.

What joy does spring bring to you?

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  1. Beautiful painting, Alice. I love using black as grounding also. I love flowers but not so much painting them. Maybe I should try pastels. I have them but not using them except in class. The crocuses are beautiful.

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