V is for voyage

Today, I took a walk and found beauty in a likely place, a place full of warmth, color, and sunlight.

San Diego county boasts a wide variety of ecosystems, from low desert to coastal wetlands.

The USDA zone, where I am staying with my beautiful family, is 9a, which means that there is a very long growing season and that, if there is any frost, it would occur between December 11th and February 10th.

The climate is described as “warm summer Mediterranean,” which means that it is very unlikely to snow. It also doesn’t rain much.

Many of the plants that grow here are succulents, which store their water in their leaves. Those leaves are thicker than the usual leaves and, as a result, succulents need less rainfall than other plants.

My lovely cross country voyage has taken me to wonderful family and to a place where it is perpetually summer. It is a place that is full of sunlight and bright color.

I went out in search of the radiant colors of springtime. The terrain was hillier than I was accustomed to. It was somewhat of a workout, walking up and down hills. As I was taking pictures of flowers, I met a woman who said that the color was truly delightful.

I told her that I came from Buffalo and that I had been here for two days.

She said that she had lived in southern California for six months and that she moved here from Idaho to be closer to family.

We are all on a voyage, looking for the places where we can feel most alive.

4 thoughts on “V is for voyage”

  1. I'm a day late at reading yesterday's blogs but what a breath of spring air to view your gorgeous pictures first thing in the morning!

  2. Cerebrations.biz

    San Diego was a weekend encounter for me for years (as a resident of Long Beach). Given the plethora of biotech conferences held there- plus my long-time mentor and friend who resides outside of La Jolla, it still is a frequent destination.
    Beautiful vistas and interesting beaches.

  3. It's been over 20 years since I've been to San Diego, and my visit was in July. What a beautiful climate they have – and now, I get to see some of the succulents I saw bloom.

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