V is for vibrant

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It rained again today. It rains a lot, almost as if spring had sprung a leak. The ground is saturated by all of that moisture, and the vernal pools are getting very full. And everything is turning really green. The lawns are bright green. My apple tree has buds. The branches of the weeping willow is green. So much green.

Except the forsythia branches. They’ve become a vibrant shade of yellow. They are wonderful to look at but their time is relatively brief. And now, it won’t be long before everything is blooming: early apple trees, pear trees, and cherry trees.

It is a time of great beauty and color. It won’t be long before it’s time to go outside and paint the colors and vibrancy of spring scenes.

3 thoughts on “V is for vibrant”

  1. i am enjoying this time of the year as well; and we are finally working on a vegetable garden and doing some overdue landscaping in the frontyard! and that yellow is sooo vibrant indeed..

  2. First of all, I love "…as if spring has sprung…" Nice! But also, it has been lovely witnessing your journey into spring this month! I feel as if I got to see it through your eyes: the waiting, the impatience, the temporary loss of it, the beginning signs, all of it. Spring is an allergy sick time for me, so it was nice to read about it from your point of view. Thanks for being part of my blog experiences this month, Alice.

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