The silent season


The landscape has become silent. I see birds through my window, but they make not a sound. They sit on top of trees and watch and then, fly away as a group.

The seeds of life are now buried beneath the soil, protected by an insulating layer of snow. 

The snow also hides the colors of nature beneath a monochromatic landscape.

Winter has its own stories, but one must look hard to find them. Because winter is the silent season, it will let you find its stories but it will never utter a single word.

5 thoughts on “The silent season”

  1. It's so true that birds tend to be silent this time of year. And there are all those days with white skies, days of color photo shoots that all come out in black and white. I would be so happy if winter was just a month or six weeks long – long enough to experience all this – then, spring comes! (can you tell that I don't like winter?)

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