The magic portal

“How do I decide?”

In a land and a time not too much unlike our own, there was a mouse who sought adventure. The Land of the Humans had become very inhospitable for mice, with all of those mousetraps and other objects guaranteed to…

kill all mice and other vermin!!!

“I am not any kind of vermin,” thought the mouse before wondering what the word “vermin” meant. It wasn’t a word that mice used to describe each other or any other critter. So the mouse decided to hop on a bus and visit family in a distant city. Mice have lots and lots of relatives. Usually, they don’t know where their relatives live but this mouse remembered that her sister had hidden in a human’s suitcase and went to a distant city called New Pork? Or was that New Stork? She couldn’t really remember correctly. Or at all, actually.

In the bus terminal, she spotted a little door, but she was determined to get on a bus so she didn’t pay attention the the little door. She paced back and forth, waiting for the bus to take her to New Pork or New Stork or whatever it was. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a huge horde of humans rushed toward the bus that had just parked outside of the terminal. In the chaos, the mouse was pushed through the portal.

the magic portal will get you there faster…

Where ever there was. Was there here and was here there? Or maybe it was somewhere? Or somewhere else? Or nowhere? Or everywhere? The mouse puzzled over that on the other side of the portal, where she found herself on a giant orange seashell floating in a great big ocean. The sky was getting darker and very colorful, and the mouse decided to take a nap, hoping that, where ever she landed, it would be either New Pork or New Stork or whatever distant city that she was planning to visit to see her mouse family…

a mouse sleeps on an orange seashell in a sea in a place that no human has ever seen

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  1. I am currently reading a Nora Roberts series about portals and Dragons.
    It doesn’t have any great illustrations like yours.
    Blog on!

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