Radiant flowers

of Reinstein Woods

Reinstein Woods is a nature preserve in Depew, New York (although it’s also listed as being in Cheektowaga). The land for this nature preserve was given to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation after the death of Dr. Victor Reinstein (1894-1984). Dr. Reinstein graduated from the School of Medicine at the University of Buffalo in 1916. He was also the son of a doctor. His mother, Anna Reinstein, was the first doctor to live in Cheektowaga. Dr. Victor Reinstein later earned a law degree. He and his wife, Julia Boyer Reinstein, were philanthropists in both Buffalo and Cheektowaga.

Reinstein Woods, which consists of 244 acres of wetlands, ponds, and woods, is maintained by the Departmernt of Environmental Conservation. The educational programs are organized by a volunteer group called the Friends of the Reinstein Woods. Much work was done to rehabilitate the land and to turn it into the gem that it is now.

Below are some of the gorgeous flowers that were growing in Reinstein Woods. I had a great hike there with some really great friends: Debbie, Barb, Nancy, and Terri!!! Thank you for all of the fun, and I look forward to another adventure with you!

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  1. What a beautiful place to hike! I showed Lia the gorgeous water lilies and she was more interested in the lily pads as she told me what they were. LOL

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