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What is summer without animals and birds? I have been spending much of my time outdoors, which has given me the opportunity to take pictures of some of our four-legged friends, as well as our winged friends. I’ve seen them in a variety of locations, including in gardens that I tend, my back yard, and at the Grand Island Farmers Market. 

Canada geese at Hyde Park in Niagara Falls, where the Master Naturalist group went to replant a few new trees and water all of the new trees. The next day, we visited the Stella Niagara Nature Preserve. The Western New York Land Conservancy purchased the land from the Franciscan Sisters of Penance and Christian Charity. The land is in the process of being restored. All invasive plant species are being removed and are being replaced by native plant species, which attract bees and other pollinators.

Canada geese enjoying a swim at Joseph Davis State Park in Lewiston, N.Y.

The Master Naturalist group enjoyed a birdwatching walk with Jajean Rose of the Western New York Land Conservancy. Thanks to a fun technology trick, I was able to photograph this bird.

The fun technology trick involved looking through a scope. To take the picture, I placed my iPhone on top of the scope. I was able to take a picture. This was the original version. I was quite gleeful. To get a better view of the bird, I cropped the photograph to produce the picture above.

Back at home, I saw this deer in the back yard. It apparently has a problem with its hind leg. People have sighted this deer for several years and it always holds up its leg like this.

squirrels are very curious critters.

This bird has a song in its heart.

A meeting of the minds.

Where do you think you’re going?

This is a red-bellied woodpecker.

Ducks at the Grand Island farmers’ market.

Let’s mow the lawn!

It’s time for a beverage. Who goes first?

Getting ready for the chicken races.

These rabbits are ready to be adopted.

Here are some adorable baby rabbits, looking for a new home.

Today’s conversation: Animal or bird stories! I love them! And… don’t worry about embellishing and exaggerating to make it funnier or wilder. Have fun, and I’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “The critter post”


    You pictured those items I have missed since living the Forest City home more than 50 years ago. Sure, I see glorious birds- and the socially acceptable rat (not, not TheDonald, squirrels), but nothing else…

  2. Corinne Rodrigues

    I would love to know more about that deer, if ever you get some information. Those rabbits are so cute. We used to have rabbits when I was young and I loved playing with the babies. Would you believe that we even had a baby monkey for a while! He was such a cutie.

  3. Wonderful photographs. I find wildlife fascinating, although don't get much chance to see it close up as we often walking with our dog and, while he does not chase or worry animals and birds, they tend to stay away. We need to put some water out for birds as the summer is unusually hot here in England and water is low.

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