bird feeder painting time!

Note: Today is the start of a new challenge with the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The challenge is to post every day for the month of July. This month, my blog will be about celebrating summer, interviewing inspiring people, and sharing art projects and other creative endavors. Today, I start with a fun creative endeavor.

Recently, I went to Momma De’s Mixing Bowl for a craft class. This time, I got to paint all of the parts of a bird feeder. The instructor and her assistant actually put all of the pieces together after we were finished with the painting. In the next few days, I will obtain birdseed, and then I will hang up the bird feeder. I am looking forward to many birdie visitors.

I started by painting a center for the flower and by painting the petals white.

Here it is at a different angle.

The next step was to paint a bird. I painted a black bird with a golden beak. A blue bird was another option.

Now, I start to paint the petals a light shade of yellow, which shows up more because the petals were initially painted white.

Here is another view of all of the petals, shortly before the bird feeder was pieced together.

This is the completed flower, now three-dimensional.

The flower is ready for chains, so it can be hung from a hook on the porch.

It’s complete! All that’s missing is the bird seed!

Here I am with my new bird feeder!

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6 thoughts on “bird feeder painting time!”


    Cute feeder. What is it made out of? I love to see the beautiful items you and other crafty people make. I can do stuff with fabric, other than that I am over my head. Looking forward to more posts from you on UBC

  2. What a lovely feeder and a project even for a beginner like me. I liked your revision- the additional yellow worked well.


    Given the heat wave that will envelop the Northeast through the 4th (and the design of your bird feeder), you should consider using water for the next few days instead of bird feed.

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