the coolness of gadgets

It’s almost #wordlesswednesday!!! A few days ago, I went on a day trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario, with family. We went just to look at the great waterfalls with the kids, who live in California and have never seen that great wonder of the world. This was my first visit to Canada since pre-COVID times. I was so happy to have the opportunity to have this adventure!!!

When we were there, we discovered the Niagara Parks Power Station. That excited my nephew Devin, who is an engineer and, therefore, in love with machinery and gadgets. And there were a lot of gadgets in this museum! It was gadget heaven. I had so much fun exploring old and new gadgets that make hydroelectric power be the amazing thing that it is. I may not understand the gadgets, but I know that they have been designed to make the world better.

big gadget (that’s the technical term)
Devin explains the complexity of the enormous gadget to his daughter
levers to make gadgets function
Isn’t this awesome? Really kind of magical and so needed!

7 thoughts on “the coolness of gadgets”

    1. Anything is possible. The temptation to become a gadgetologist is too great. Eventually, we will all become gadgetologists after enough visits to the mighty Niagara!!!

  1. It’s so great to see you having fun and exploring new things with your family! I completely agree that it’s important to appreciate and understand the gadgets and machinery that improve our world. The Niagara Parks Power Station sounds like a really interesting and educational place to visit. It’s great that you could have this adventure and make some new memories with your nephew. Keep enjoying your travels and experiences!

    1. It was a good experience of making memories with my nephew and his wife and kids! Very educational and very amazing to see the power of electricity in action. I am looking forward to traveling to California and making memories with them there, as well!

  2. Hi Alice,
    I am glad you had a great visit to Canada.
    The generators have not changed much over the years, but those old levers have been replaced by computer controls and screens to monitor the generation and distribution of the electric power.

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