Are you afraid of making art?

there is no right or wrong in art. You could create patterns like this….
or you could make something more representational, like this…
… or like this…
Some people are afraid of making art because they are afraid that they aren’t good enough…
but you don’t have to be good enough.
You are enough as an artist, even if you feel that the only thing that you can draw is a stick figure.
Art and life are adventures, and you never know where they will take you…
I can’t wait to see your art!!!!

3 thoughts on “Are you afraid of making art?”

  1. Hi Alice,
    The tools of my art are a camera and a computer.
    Thanks to this Blog Challenge I have committed to sharing some of that art with you.

    I know you have done your share of art with a camera too.
    Blog on!

  2. It is so much fun but there are days it is hard to get started. Once I figured out that my art was for me and the world can like it or dislike it, that isn’t my concern. Thanks for sharing the above art, and continue to enjoy your hobby.

  3. I’m starting a bullet journal in this new year. Adding little doodles and artistic touches. Your blog was one of the reasons I felt brave enough to start. Thank you!

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