the changing colors of autumn


Today’s blogging prompt is about autumn. What do I do in autumn that’s unique to the season? Well, now that it’s October, I start getting excited about my favorite holiday, namely Halloween. It’s all about candy, dark shadows, a good fright, and costumes. But it’s still weeks away. 

In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to enjoy autumn. The colors are changing, and there is a plethora of delicious foods just waiting, in supermarkets and at farmers markets. All of that stuff makes for some wonderful imagery.

These autumnal images can be found in city, suburb, and countryside. On Tuesday, I had to travel into Buffalo for a routine medical test, and, of course, I brought my camera, and I took pictures during the relatively short walk from downtown Buffalo to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

In Buffalo, I found lovely signs of autumn, as well as one really impressive mural that covered the entire side of a building.

Today, I walked to two places: Kelly’s Country Store and the Thompson farm, both on Grand Island, to take pictures of autumn life. Not only did I see delicious produce and a great variety of pumpkins, I also saw an interesting array of critters.

There was a bunch of small kangaroos and wallabies, alpacas, and a pony at Kelly’s Country Store.

At the Thompson farm, there were the usual collection of chickens.

In addition to that, there were a few critter visitors, in the form of some very cute rabbits. 

4 thoughts on “the changing colors of autumn”

  1. Thanks for posting these breathtaking pictures. I'm not into Halloween, but I absolutely adore the changing colors of autumn and appreciate the beautiful foliage.

  2. Wow! This is like autumn captured in a blog post. Here in India, October is synonymous for grand Durga Puja festival. The celebration are muted this year due to the pandemic. But nobody told that to nature. And the autumn skies are as blue as ever!

  3. WOW I can tell it's fall just by looking at your gorgeous pictures. Fall is my favorite season especially for the apples!

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