The 52-week photography project: toy story

The theme for week number 25 of the 52-week photography project is “toy story.” Tell a story with toys or about toys.

My story is about two bears, named Sweet Suzie Bear and Fluffy Bear. They told mama bear that they were going on an adventure. Because this is the 21st century, mama bear told them to make sure that their smart phone was completely charged before they set out on their journey. Oh, and to get back home before dinner, which would consist of fruit salad with honey dressing, acorn squash glazed with honey and walnuts and a side of field greens, and a delicious baklava, made with… honey! 

The bears were so excited about their adventure that they slept fitfully during the night and totally forgot to charge the smart phone. In the morning, Sweet Suzie Bear put the phone in a bag, along with a big bag of trail mix, and the two bears set off on their adventure. 

“How do we make this a truly adventurous adventure? Do you know?”

“Maybe we should look for a rabbit home and jump down? Alice had some great adventures and she met up with interesting characters. “

“No, she fell down the hole and she had to eat a lot of cookies. She kept changing sizes and she became very big and she cried a lot and almost drowned in her own tears when she became really little.”

“Whoa, that strained my brain. I guess I don’t see a rabbit…”

Just then, Fluffy Bear tripped over a pothole and fell in slow motion. “Ouch,” Fluffy said, as she tipped over. It was, alas, just a little hole and not a wonderfully big rabbit hole. Fluffy got up, with nothing injured but her dignity. The bears  continued walking down the street. They both felt sad when they realized that they weren’t going to a magical wonderland where they would get to go to a mad party with pots of tea and lots and lots of buckwheat honey, clover honey, wildflower honey… mmm, honey. 

Just then, Sweet Suzie and Fluffy bears found a lovely garden to play in. It was full of statues and flowers and great hostas.

They danced and sat on the laps of lovely statues and were happy until a bee buzzed in the ear of Sweet Suzy and told her to bee gone soon bee-cause there were scary gnomes that turned into horrifying monsters at night.

The two bears didn’t want to believe that the gnomes could suddenly turn evil. They stayed in the garden and played hide and seek and they practiced doing their tap dance routine because Mama Bear told them to always dance so they could feel happy. Also, humans were scary but they liked dancing bears so they wouldn’t bother a dancing bear. The bears had to practice their steps without their tap shoes because they forgot their tap shoes. 

They stayed and played all day and into the night. All of a sudden, they realized that it was late and that they were afraid of the dark and couldn’t go home until morning. Sweet Suzie Bear got the smart phone out of her bag but the battery had died because they were too excited about their adventure to charge the phone.

Sweet Suzie Bear and Fluffy Bear fell asleep underneath a giant hosta. All of a sudden, they were awakened by a horrifying noise. They opened their eyes and found two dozen gnomes staring at them. The gnomes’ mouths were all open, revealing giant yellow fangs.

The two bears looked at each other and decided that flight was better than fight so they ran away from the lovely garden. They ran and ran and ran, but they were chased by gnomes. All night, the chase persisted. Fluffy Bear fell behind and a great big green gnome jumped on her. She squawked and ran again, even faster.

The bears were scared because the gnomes continued to chase them, and they continued to bare their great big fangs. Abruptly Sweet Suzie Bear stopped and turned and stared at the gnomes who were bearing down on her.

“Why are you so mean to us?” she asked in a firm voice.

The gnomes immediately started to cry. Sweet Suzie Bear stared at the weeping gnomes in amazement. 

“Nobody loves us. We just wanted to play a chase game.”

“Why didn’t you ask us first?” asked Fluffy Bear. “We love chase games.”

The gnomes and bears chased one another and laughed for the rest of the night. In the morning, the bears visited the farmers market. The farmers gave them all varieties of honey to take home to Mama Bear. When Fluffy and Sweet Suzie Bear arrived at home, they saw that Mama Bear had set the table and was serving their least favorite meal: stewed prunes without any honey.

“Did you charge your Smart Phone? I called and called and no one answered,” Mama Bear demanded. She reached into the Fluffy and Sweet Suzy Bears’ bag, where she found the dead phone and the collection of honey.

“You forgot to charge the phone but you remembered a gift for your mama,” Mama Bear said lovingly. The Bear Family ate a sweet meal and then fell asleep on a warm bear rug.

I hope that you enjoyed the bears’ tale. Please come back to check out next week’s update of the 52-week photography project.

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