The 52-week photography project: patterns

The topic for week 30 of the 52-week photography project is “patterns.” The suggestion from Dogwood Photography, which created the project, is to “get inspired by the rhythm that patterns bring to your images.”

Everywhere I look, I see patterns.

I see patterns in man-made objects, and I see patterns in nature. I see patterns in the coloring of the leaves and the markings on the flowers.

I see patterns in buildings and in the things that are parts of buildings, such as banisters and stairways and floor tiles and ceiling tiles. I see patterns in bricks and in shingles and sidewalks.

I could see patterns in teacups and teapots and in dishes and in lamps and in furniture. Patterns look appealing and they make a room look more interesting.

Brick pattern on the ground creates
an impression of movement

I see patterns in the needles of evergreens.

very simple, useful pattern

ceiling design

Patterns are truly all around us. Purposely looking for the patterns in the world was a fascinating experience this week.

Next week: Come back next week for an update of the 52-week photography project, with another exciting theme!

4 thoughts on “The 52-week photography project: patterns”

  1. Looking for patterns everywhere resonates with looking for signs everywhere from the movie sixth sense. It is indeed interesting to look for patterns all around. Nice post.

  2. Patterns – yes, so many patterns in nature, and I understand many are mathematical in nature. I wish I had a mathematical mind!

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