The 52-week photography project: food as art

Ahhh, food. I love it. I love to cook it and bake it. I love the smell of it when it’s cooking. Food looks good and it tastes good. I like food that looks plain and food that is bright and colorful. Good food is a visual feast, as well as a taste treat. To continue enjoying the visual feast, I like to take pictures of that scrumptious food.

It was great fun to have food as the theme for week 36 of the 52-week photography project.

I spent the week taking pictures of food, starting with a luncheon last Saturday, featuring absolutely delicious ravioli, and ending with a cookie decorating class at Momma De’s Mixing Bowl.

I took pictures of food in a variety of setting, including a party, the Grand Island farmers market, and a bakery.

Winter squash for sale at the Grand Island Farmers Market
Chili in the process of cooking, also at the Grand Island Farmers Market
This is one of my egg creations, complete with broccoli, cheese, and tomato.
These are the twenty-five cookies that I decorated at Momma De’s Mixing Bowl. The cookies were made in advance. I learned how to decorate the cookies with a variety of frostings. There were sprinkles and other fun stuff to use for added fun. They included little pumpkins, insects, and bones. I had fun decorating in a variety of style, including abstract expressionism (like Jackson Pollack), stained glass window, kaleidoscope (colors that appear to move), and (kind of) realistic.

I had fun decorating cookies with Megan, Maureen, and Jillian. Here I am with the tray of my creations. It was a great way to spend two hours on a Saturday morning. The frosting is becoming firm at Momma De’s, and I will pick up my box of cookies early on Monday afternoon.

Next week: Check back next week for the continuation of the 52-week photography project.

9 thoughts on “The 52-week photography project: food as art”

  1. They all look so yummy, Alice!! I have taken pics before of food I have cooked, and my son has done the same, and I've noticed that when it's something you've made, just seeing the picture feels good because you can connect to that memory of it.

  2. You did a great job making these food photos look good enough to eat. I need to learn to do a better job photographing the recipes I make. I seem to forget about the photo until I've had my first bite.

  3. Great pictures. You can say so much about food in the pictures, and you have managed to capture that feeling. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A nice variety of photos, and you did a great job on those cookies! I am also not that accomplished a food photographer. It's quite a skill. And, ah…yummy chili!

  5. Great photos. Everything looks yummy. I must say that photos can be deceiving, especially on restaurant menus. I was recently at a Denny's in Lloydminster, Sask. I can't say that I'm a enthused salad person that I would order one for a main course. But I did because the photo of the grilled chicken salad with avocado was so scrumptuous looking. My face fell when it came. There was no much lettuce and only 2 tiny slices of avocado. I guess the chicken was passable.


  6. Woa so many delightful treats. They all look so yummy. I have never tried cooking chilli . Your picture is tempting me to try it.

  7. Your post made me so very hungry. Glad lunch time is close. Food photography though isn't child's play. You seem pretty good at it.

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