The 52 week photography project: colorful landscape

The topic for week 32 of the 52-week photography project is “colorful landscape.” The goal was simply to get as much color as possible into the background. Week 32, due to many distractions, took more like two weeks. But… aren’t colorful landscapes worthy of a bit of extra time? Here is a variety of colorful landscapes that I found in those two weeks.

Thompson farm

Grand Island Farmers Market

Woods Creek
view from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Next week: Take a look at more images in the ongoing 52-week photography project.

8 thoughts on “The 52 week photography project: colorful landscape”

  1. I found your blog quite interesting since I am starting my journey with photography. I believe a picture should speak to the viewer and to include the viewer within it's story. Looking forward to the next week of photography! Sherry

  2. Beautiful photos – fall is one of my favorite times of year to start taking photos of the landscapes – I enjoy comparing photos as the color changes 🙂

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