Colorful Buckhorn Island State Park

Yesterday afternoon, I went to visit Buckhorn Island State Park. When I arrived, I noticed a man spraying himself with insect repellent and suddenly realized that I had forgotten to do so when starting on my journey to the park.

I asked him if I could use some of his repellent and he was happy to share. He told me that his name is Phil and that his son’s name is Michael.

They were going to enjoy some fishing in the Niagara River. The three of us walked together for a short distance, until Phil and Michael found their first fishing hole. I noticed that there were a number of people in the park. Some people were walking dogs; others were riding bicycles. 

Autumn colors are starting to appear in the park. The leaves are turning color, the apples and wild grapes are ripe, and the cattail heads are opening up.

I saw critters, too.

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The little frogs moved a bit too fast for my camera and me but the snails were delightfully slow and even a snake made the decision to pose for me. 

It was a peaceful walk. I managed to get back home just before dark, which was a good thing because I didn’t really want to turn into a pumpkin. Come to think of it, on my way home, I did take pictures of pumpkins. There is a house that turns its front yard into a pumpkin patch every year. So pretty! 

(But where is Charlie Brown? And when will the Great Pumpkin come?)

3 thoughts on “Colorful Buckhorn Island State Park”

  1. As bad as me walking on the BU campus last weekend and forgetting bug spray – I had to turn around, finally. Loved your snail picture. I have little luck with any kind of living creature, which is why so many of my pictures are of flowers.

  2. Such nice pictures. Must be a beautiful place. So nice to be able to make friends of strangers, even if the connection is brief.

  3. What a beautiful picture you've got of that snail. Your walk sounds like so much fun – connecting with people, Nature and yourself.

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