The 366 day photography project… losing count… week nineteen!!

Another week in December without snow! We are setting records for the latest first snowfall, and it doesn’t look as if the snow is coming anytime soon. Chances for a white Christmas are not good. In the card that I am mailing out, there is plenty of snow…

This is the painting that has been made into Christmas cards.
On Monday, December 7th, I went to the Grand Island Memorial Library to take pictures and do interviews for an article about Lynn Konovitz’s retirement party. I must say that the reception was quite delightful, not to mention delectable. Many people came to thank Lynn for his 32 years as director of Grand Island’s library. Pictured above is Mary Cooke, president of the Friends of the Grand Island Memorial Library and town supervisor. She is giving Lynn a certificate of appreciation from the Town Board.

Jill Banaszak, a member of the library board of trustees, presents Lynn with a tote bag. His other gift from the board of trustees is a buy one, get one free certificate to all book sales at the library. Lynn’s certificate is special because it never expires.

Library staff member Julie Bordonaro leads the assembled group in singing two songs that she had written, both titled “Mr. Konovitz retirement.” One song was sung to the tune of the “Mickey Mouse March song” and the other was sung to the tune of “The Logical Song.” She said that Mr. Konovitz said that he is a Virgo and was born in September and is, therefore, a logical man. 

Lynn Konovitz and staff members, both current and past, stand behind the cake.

Jill Banaszak begins cutting the cake. The cake includes an edible photograph of the Grand Island Memorial Library.

One side is chocolate, the other is vanilla. You can guess which flavor I chose!

After the reception at the library, my next stop was town hall. I had been given the task of covering the town board meeting for the Island Dispatch.

The meeting was scheduled to being at 8 p.m. I hung out with the other media folks and played with my camera. This is view of the clock, taken with the fish eye setting of my camera. I’m thinking that it could be the basis for a modern art painting.

Town board members might get thirsty. 

Most of the town board meeting was fairly routine. The public hearing on amending the town code’s regulations of R-2 zoning seemed a bit contentious. Several people spoke at the hearing. The issue seemed to be about the level of density permitted under R-2 zoning.

I will admit that, when I attended the hearing, I was fairly clueless about the whole concept of R-2 zoning. R-1 zoning allows for detached single-family homes. That seems to be what people who live in suburbs like best. R-2 zoning permits more styles of housing, including duplexes, townhouses, and attached single-family houses. Once the amendment is in place, no new duplexes or dwellings with six to eight attached units will be permitted. The maximum number of units will be four.

Apparently, all of the contentiousness is in response to a proposed development near the river that resulted in a lot of complaints and a town board meeting with so many people attending that there weren’t enough seats for everyone. The developer withdrew the proposal. Later, the developer got approval to build a similar development in a different location.

Town Board member Gary Roesch was defeated in last month’s election. This was his last town board meeting, so he was given a certificate of appreciation, signed by the remainder of the town board.

On Tuesday morning, I enjoyed eating this beautiful orange. 

After Zumba, I went to the Island Ship Center to have my paintings turned into note cards. The service that I receive at the Island Ship Center cannot be beat. Fahim and Seema are co-owners of this business. When you come to the store, you are greeted by name and with warm and radiant smiles. They are the King and Queen of Awesome. Here they are, posing with my painting that Seema made into beautiful cards. I am grateful to do business there and grateful to count Fahim and Seema among my friends.

Having fun with photographing the Snowhumans.

On Wednesday, I had two articles to write. That was a lot of work! I needed to give myself a break so I took pictures of bears in the dishwasher.

It’s even funnier with the fish-eye setting.
The articles were not quite complete when I went to Zumba on Thursday morning.

There is a Chinese restaurant located next door to the dance studio. Here is a display of the tea set in the restaurant’s picture window.
After I finished my articles, it was time to start working on the next article, a follow-up of two stories that I did in September. Those were the stories about the playground that was built at Kaegebein Elementary School. On Thursday afternoon, I went back to the school to take pictures at the dedication of the new sign at the playground. Here is PTA president Cyndy Montana with the new sign.

Here is the completed playground. I think that it is absolutely gorgeous. I was tempted to climb on it!

Some of the kids pose with the sign.

Kim Cich said that, thirteen years ago, the playground was “a vision and a dream.” She was the first chairperson of the Kaegebein playground committee, when it formed five years ago. After she moved away from Grand Island, David Brand became the chairperson. Kim and David celebrate the completion of their work.

It is a joyful experience for both Kim and David.
Friday morning. The lack of snow has become a source of entertainment for me. The bears are dressed for Christmas…

… and the tree branches are completely devoid of leaves, of snow, of anything. But it’s warm so all is good.

I baked Christmasy chocolate chip cookies on Friday!

Saturday… fruit for bears and snowhumans. Occasionally, the photography projects results in a fairly high level of silliness.
On Sunday, I took pictures at the Christmas pageant rehearsal at Saint Martin in the Fields Church.

The Christmas pageant will be presented at 10 a.m. and at 6 p.m. on Sunday, December 20th. All are invited to attend. The title of the pageant is “A Super Christmas.” The pageant features the Holy Family and a whole host of superheroes, including Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, Catwoman, and more.

The performance promises to be fun. The directors and Janine Childs and Julie DeAngelo.

My friend Kris and her mom Anne made this beautiful wreath for me. I brought it to Riverside-Salem Environmental Chapel to be displayed.

Look at the new friend that the bears found at Riverside-Salem!
Co-pastors Cathy and Jon Rieley-Goddard talked about the pilgrimage that they took on El Camino de Santiago (the way of Saint James) in France and Spain this fall. They walked 400 of the 500 miles of the pilgrimage. They shared photographs and described the wonder and beauty of the adventure.
Today, it was a record-breaking 70 degrees! I took a walk and photographed all sorts of Christmas decorations in a setting that looked autumnal (but without the colorful leaves).

The horses enjoy the warmth, too.

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