the 365 day photography challenge week one

Just when I was celebrating the end of The Year from Hell (aka 2020), it became apparent that the madness had not ended. I could say that I had decided to do a 365 day photography challenge in 2021 because the madness had not ended. But no. That’s not really true. Actually, I was hiking in Buckhorn Island State Park when I decided that I would do the challenge again. The park looks so interesting and a bit desolate in the winter. So I’m going to keep going there, monthly, to document how the park changes over the course of the year. 

And then… the madness struck. Well, on January 6th, when a pack of fascists attempted a coup e’tat in Washington, D.C. It was scary to watch on television. I spent a lot of time watching it. Maybe too much time. Who knows what will happen next? So, in my own corner of the world, I am documenting history. 

Today, I will post those pictures from January 1st through the 10th, that document my world during that time.

January 1st. Buckhorn Island State Park. These pictures were taken just before much of the park was closed. Work is now being done to remove the dead ash trees from the park. All destroyed by the invasive emerald ash borer. I wonder what happens next, once the dead trees are removed.

January 1st A large shrub becomes Santa Claus!

January 2nd Christmas decorations make life more fun

January 3rd The courtyard seems lonely in the winter

January 4th I am so thankful for the beautiful fashion statement that my sister Vivian gave me and for the flowers from St. Martin in the Fields church. Also, there’s a bear that I drew in my visual journal.

January 5th. More decorations because the Christmas season is about to end and they get their portraits taken before they go into a box!

January 6th. Split pea soup is good. Coup d’etat/fascist insurrection is not good. 

January 7th. Off to Lewiston to pick up some framed paintings. Lewiston is an attractive village, even in January.

January 8th. The quietness of Beaver Island State Park… 

In the early evening, I traveled to downtown Buffalo with Nate McMurray, to a rally that was peaceful and exuberant, asking for the removal of Donald Trump as president because of the events of Wednesday, January 6th. I spent a lot of time taking pictures with Nate’s phone, and my fingers got very cold!

January 9th. Relay for Life, first lap! Relay for Life is scheduled for June 4th! I went to Veterans Park and took pictures of the small group that did the first lap.

January 10th. Relaxing day at home. Unwinding from the traumatic event of the week. And what better than something you choose from a Magic Tea Box?

Will post again next week! Who knows what’s going to happen from one day to the next!!!

3 thoughts on “the 365 day photography challenge week one”

  1. I was glued to the TV that day, too! And then, watched MSNBC for the rest of the week. Your photos are wonderful. That's neat that you are doing a daily photo challenge, because you'll have a journal of your year. Hmm, maybe I'll do one on Canva. Choosing photos, though – not just ones I have taken, myself, and certainly not daily. Thanks for the idea!

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