Seeing the world from high above

Late last month, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Oregon to visit friends Betsy Lamb and Ann Havill. Flying cross country was an interesting experience. The view from my airplane window was really something. So I got out my trusty camera, turned off the flash, and started taking photographs. I saw all sorts of interesting land formations: canyons, mountains, and deserts. I saw so many craters in the southwest that I thought that I was flying over another planet. It was incredibly fascinating. I really wanted to see this land up close but I know that taking a walk across such hostile terrain probably isn’t a plan. Darn! Well, you know me. I just want to touch everything. OK, almost everything (I can skip the poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac and pretty much everything that begins with the word “poison”).
So I traveled to Oregon on April 23rd and returned on the 30th. I had a week’s worth of fun and I will describe it to you in upcoming blog posts.
For now, here are photographs of the world, as seen from high above.

I’m fascinated by that large peninsula and by the shape of that body of water.

Another view of that river, but I used less zoom in this one.

Mountain covered by snow. Does that snow melt or is it a year-round thing? I’m not sure.

What are these round things? My feverish imagination is telling me that they are landing circles for flying saucers. I’m not sure where exactly this was taken but could it be… Roswell, New Mexico??? Are there any other places where space aliens like to visit?

Coming for a landing in Chicago, Illinois. The buildings all look like doll houses in a doll house city…

Mountains and snow… oh my.

Now, I’m starting to think… Mars??

Lots and lots of snow. Nah, I’m not going there. Nice to look at, though.

Lots more coming up, including Smith Rock, Tumalo Falls, and the seashore! Keep checking this blog regularly for updates.

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  1. Hi Alice, aliens don't actually land in those crop circles, but I'm sure you already knew that! My space alien friend told me that those circles are actually part of a Government cover up!
    Alan Æ

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