Saturday microfiction: laughter and song

Today, I am following the Saturday microfiction challenge. The first sentence was given to me. The challenge is to write a complete story in five sentences. Here is my story, titled “Laughter and Song.”

In the silence, each tick of the clock echoed in their ears. The house had once been full of laughter and song. The white haired man, who stared sightlessly at his wife, saw the dark haired girl who had captured his once vibrant eyes at a dance many spins ago.

The woman, leaning on her walker, switches on a CD player, which drowns out the insistent clock. As the man and woman sing their favorite song in harmony, the house is once again full of music.

Your turn: Want to write microfiction? Just take the first sentence. Including the first sentence, write an entire story of five sentences. Feel free to share here. You could also share your flash fiction on facebook. Feel free to use the hashtag #microfiction

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