Images of the Buffalo Garden Walk

Today, I went to explore gardens in Buffalo. It was the second day of Buffalo’s 23rd annual Garden Walk. Buffalo’s Garden Walk is described as the largest garden walk in the United States.

Grassroots Gardens is
a group of community
gardens that operates
throughout the City of
Buffalo, mostly on the
east and west sides of the city.
They focus on food security,
as well as on growing

Many people open their gardens to visitors for the weekend. It is impossible to visit all of the gardens in one weekend, let alone one day. 

The weather could not have been better for the event. I saw a great variety of gardens, including a few community gardens. The gardeners were very hospitable and offered iced tea, lemonade, and cookies to their guests. 

I saw water features and perennial gardens and gardens that attracted bees and butterflies. Some of the gardens were tiny masterpieces in very small spaces.

Others made use of more space.

There were potted plants, which accentuated small corners of gardens, as well as doors and windows. The gardeners used their spaces in many different ways. Some of the gardens were along streets, where they brightened public places. Other gardens were more secluded. Going into those gardens was like entering another world: a world of color, light, and imagination. The gardens were peaceful spaces to retreat from the busy-ness of every day life.

4 thoughts on “Images of the Buffalo Garden Walk”

  1. Anamika Agnihotri

    The gardens are beautiful. People opening up their gardens for random visitors to visit is remarkable.

  2. I love nature, and used to have my own garden before we shifted to an apartment complex. 🙂 Your photographs bring the walk to my screen virtually, and celebrate those colors too. Thank you for sharing, Alice.

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