S is for startlingly large afghan (365-day crochet project)

It’s raining again! Could it be time to build an ark? Well, if it is, I’m in the process of making an afghan that will keep everyone warm. Yes, it is that big. 

On January 1st, I started a year-long project that involved crocheting. At first, my goal was to crochet one square per day. But, after finishing my first month’s worth of squares, I reconsidered because… um… I had to actually piece the afghans together. And that meant doing a lot of crocheting. That made me change my goal to daily crocheting, rather than a daily square. 

When I looked for a pattern for my second afghan, I found something called a dragonfly granny square on a Pinterest page titled “Creative Craft Workshop.” It comes from South Africa. I decided to make a test square and found that it was an eight-inch square, rather than my usual six-inch square.

Once the test square was made, I took a look and thought that the square needed its own border to set it off. I crocheted a border for the first square, the second square… and… you get the idea. I decided to make 24 squares (six squares in length and four squares wide), as I thought that this would make it somewhat comparable in size to my previous afghan (35 six-inch squares or seven squares in length and five squares in width). My guesses turned out to be far off. The first hint that I got was just in the length of time it was taking me to complete the afghan (about twice as long as the previous one). 

I am in the home stretch of making this afghan now. In the past few days, I have been putting the project together. This has made the amazing afghan growth more obvious. And guess what? It is actually twice as big as the first afghan!  Or maybe even three times as big!!! With the border that I intend to crochet, the afghan should be big enough for a double bed! Or… perhaps a queen sized bed! Or maybe… it would be suitable for a queen! How can you obtain such an afghan?The first afghan of 2019 was donated to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. This afghan is going to be part of an upcoming fundraiser, and it, too, will get a new home.

Someone is going to win this afghan…

More details later about the Big Event!!!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Alice, your work is beautiful. I remember that both my Nana and step mother, Rosie were passionate crocheters. I just loved watching their quick hands move as they created beautiful afghans. Such special memories. Thank you for the reminder of how much I loved both these very special women in my life.

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