S is for sedoka


A sedoka is a Japanese poetic form. It is based on the number of syllables in each line, and there is no need to rhyme. This is how Poetrysoup.com describes a sedoka: “Sedoka is a Japanese verse form that evolved from ancient songs. They can be mood poems, similar to tanka, or they can tell stories in the manner of a song. Sedoka consist of 6 lines of 5-7-7-5-7-7 syllables respectively. Each 5-7-7 unit is called a katauta.” For more information about sedoka and an example, check PoetrySoup’s website at: https://www.poetrysoup.com/dictionary/sedoka

I can’t read your mind…

I sit here alone
with my cat for company
Her purrs mingle with her snores
She stretches her paws
In a contented catnap
not awakening

Humans are so strange
they are funny looking cats
who can’t groom themselves rightly
This one is confused
When it’s time for my feeding
It isn’t that hard

Cat lies on my back
Do I look like furniture?
And must she dig with her claws
She taste tests my hair
like a bowl of spaghetti
with sausage and yummy sauce.

I need attention
and a constantly filled bowl
That gets filled when I don’t look.
That’s not what I get
All I have now is kibble
and that Cheshire Cat human.

If only I knew
how to read a feline mind
I could make her happier
and more confident
that she will always be loved
in this, her forever home.

T is coming! Stay tuned!!!

9 thoughts on “S is for sedoka”

    1. Thank you! And, I too, had no idea that there were so many poetic forms out there! Finding stuff like this online is one of the great and wonderful things about the A to Z challenge and why I look forward to it every year.

  1. Alice, this is the first I’ve heard of the sedoka poetry form. You are so brave to try writing one in this form, and yet, you’ve written an endearing and revealing one– a consciousness dialogue with a cat. Thanks! Btw that cat photo should be in a caption contest!!

  2. love your sedoka, Alice… You amaze me in your impromptu poetry in response to my posts as well… But I need more time to write my sedoka (so for a future post!!)..
    Especially loved this line: Her purrs mingle with her snores

  3. A comment on sedoka in the sedoka form

    I’m here from road trip
    And it really bothers me
    That it took this long to see

    Your amazing blog
    Sedoka about your cat
    Was bag of chips and all that

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