Renaissance Festival

One of the things on my bucket list was the Renaissance Festival in Sterling, New York. It’s in New York’s Finger Lakes region, a very scenic part of Central New York. But, once you arrive at the Renaissance Festival, you leave New York State behind as you enter into England in the latter part of the 16th century. There are wenches and witches and Queen Elizabeth. There’s music and grog and horses and knights defending the honor of their queen on the jousting field. So… I got to go to this event with my friends, Debbie and Sherry.

One of the fun things about the Renaissance Festival is that you get to dress in garb. At first, we called it costume, but we were told that what we were wearing was most definitely not a costume. We were attired in garb. So garb it is! I borrowed my garb from Debbie, and I truly felt that I had stepped back into the past once I donned this outfit.

Introducing… Queen Sherry I in her royal finery!

Debbie meets a man who looks like a gigantic garden. She is obviously smitten with him, and later, she admitted that he is her “soil mate.”

There were minstrels who sang drinking songs and love songs and songs about heroes. They played their instruments with energy and enthusiasm, as the audience clapped in rhythm.

… and washer wenches who did the laundry and cackled wickedly as they threw water and laundry at the audience. Who knew that laundry could be so hazardous?

Let the jousts begin!!!! It’s time for the heroic battles!!! Or dramatic. The battles have all the elements that Alice could ever hope for. Knights in armor, horses, colorful flags, and really big and pointy weapons.

For Queen and country!”

“Take that, you scoundrel!”

“My nemesis is doomed!”

“The time has come to talk of many things. Of spears and hooks and sealing wax. Of mighty wars and a battle ax. Whether the privy is boiling hot and whether cats can sting.”

Look for more pictures of the Renaissance Festival on Wednesday’s post!!!

8 thoughts on “Renaissance Festival”

  1. I just love your writing and how you captured the essence of our fun day at the festival! So pleased that the garb was to your liking! Wished I had taken a picture of you getting the flute lesson!

  2. Hi!! It’s Claire!! That looks like so much fun!! Wish I could’ve been there — so glad you got to go!! It looks AMAZING — stepping into the past like that — and I’m so glad you had an amazing time!!

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