Casey’s Cabana


It’s a fun little place in the southern part of Grand Island, near Beaver Island State Park. It is located near the former Bedell House, a three story hotel that burned down in 1877. It was rebuilt and the second Bedell House was opened ten years later. That hotel burned down in 1935. The only surviving structures were a cottage, called the Rose Cottage, and a hot dog stand, which is now Casey’s Cabana.

a new life for the former hot dog stand.

food preparation.

View of the pier where seating is available.

View from the pier.

View of Casey’s Cabana from the pier.

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  1. Don’t forget Charlotte Guenther & the Bedell house bar which operated until it burned down in 1992. Sunday afternoons were spent listening to Donnie Burns or Bill Fenlon playing ragtime in the back room. The back room was built over the water on dock pilings & the whole structure would bounce up & down ( or felt like that) while the piano player Whalen away at the keyboard. My 14 year old brother Charlotte would sometimes send for to play ragtime while the real player ate his dinner…happy times!Barbara

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