Rainy day activity

It poured all last night. The rain continued through most of the morning. It was very welcome. I wasn’t able to do my gardening job, though. I tried to visualize myself digging weeds with one hand and holding up an umbrella with the other hand. I could only visualize my weeding and holding up an umbrella simultaneously if I had a third hand. Since I’m not about to grow another hand, I called my customer and we decided to postpone the weeding and pruning until Friday.

So, I needed an indoor activity that was creative and fun. I had collected a bunch of rocks, both large and small, and I decided that painting them would be a fun indoor activity. I also decided that they would be a set that could go into a single garden.

I started by painting them black. Then I added the flowers. I needed to add a few coats of the paint just to make it stand out. Within the next few days, I will spray the rocks. Then they will be ready to be placed in a garden as decoration.

What do you enjoy doing on a rainy day?

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  1. Nick #thisyearinmusic

    When I was little we used to get out my Dad's rock polisher on rainy days. I guess you need some back story. Whenever we went on walks in the country, or to pebbly beaches we used to pick up interesting shaped stones and pebbles.

    You'd be surprised how the different colours would be brought out by loading them in the machine and letting them get cleaned for an hour or two.

  2. What a great idea for garden decorations! I have 3 baskets of golf balls that I've collected from our work parking lot, the golfers hit them over our roof! I saw an article to paint them into lady bugs and add to the garden. I plan to do that when I find spare time.

  3. Your rocks remind me of a local movement in my area. I live in Kitsap County, and there is a movement of artists, both professional, and armature, adults and children, who paint rocks and leave them hidden in places for other people to find and collect.

    They usually leave hints on Facebook, twitter, and instagram with the hashtag #kitsaprocks , showing that they left a certain number somewhere in a certain vicinity. Its a way of being a "street artist" without vandalizing property! I haven't hidden any rocks yet, but I plan to!

  4. Thank you, all, for your suggestions and ideas. They are very much appreciated. I love the idea of painted rocks, hidden in places for people to find and collect. That is so much fun, and I'd love to be a street artist who doesn't vandalize property.

    I have a bunch of golf balls. I will try to paint them as well.

  5. Love this activity. I will be giving this post to my daughter to do with the kids that she is babysitting. So cute.

  6. I certainly have enough rocks, and there are local artists who sell painted rocks. Mine would be quite primitive. Surprised I never tried this with my young son years ago. (and wasn't that rain wonderful?)

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