Juicy, mouth watering fruit

Today, I went to downtown Buffalo, New York, to check out the Downtown Country Market. It operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays from May 12th through October 27th. The hours of the market are from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine.

The whole country market experience was made more entertaining by a band performing at M&T Plaza from noon until 1 p.m. During the summer, from Monday through Friday, a variety of performers presents their unique styles in downtown Buffalo.
This is probably one of the most unusual things that I’ve ever seen in Buffalo… miniature golf at M&T Plaza.
Bread and rolls.

These cashews were prepared to be sweet and tangy.

Here is a lovely array of baked goods for… the dog in your life!
Food trucks are the thing now. This one serves delicious Italian foods. Chef’s Restaurant is a legend in Buffalo. It opened in 1923 at its current location at the corner of Seneca and Chicago streets. The food truck is the newest addition. Apparently, you can follow the food truck’s progress on Twitter. Its Twitter handle is @ChefsBuffalo

There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables to choose from.

Here is a lovely display of fruits. It’s an option for people who want a nice taste test of fruits to enjoy.
The fruit is luscious and colorful. 

Mmm, honey and colorful berries.
Here are some of the early apples, which are ripe in July. There are many more apples that ripen in late August, September, and October. When more apples ripen, I will make applesauce, and when more pears ripen, I will make pear-applesauce.

Some fruit is just not ready yet. As I was walking home from the bus stop, I noticed this crab apple tree. Although the crab apples have this lovely color, they are hard to the touch, and they taste bitter. Yes, I took a taste (not today). They need to ripen some more on the tree.

This is the tree in front of my mom’s house. The apples are growing nicely, despite the drought. These apples tend to be fairly large, and they will turn red and yellow when they are ripe, early in September. 

5 thoughts on “Juicy, mouth watering fruit”

  1. cleansedpalate

    Such beautiful foods here!! I am really loving the food truck trend…so many great choices out there!! I'm also a huge fan of supporting your local farmers and farmer's markets. Love this post!!

  2. Binghamton's downtown market almost died this year – it's been dying for years. It is basically down to one or two vendors and didn't even start this year until July. Meanwhile, food trucks are mostly banned, too. I really enjoyed seeing one city doing it right!

  3. Cerebrations.biz

    My only problem is that many of these farmer's markets charge prices that make it impossible to consider purchasing their wares.
    I know the farmer needs to make a profit. But, when they are selling direct to us, at least one middleman is missing, so their prices should be at least equivalent to what we are charged inn stores. Not the 75 to 100% premium at which they appear.
    (I do frequent two sites near me that offer reasonably priced wares.)

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