On being a weekend writer

Today is day six of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, and the suggestion from the challenge’s organizer, Paul Taubman, was to talk about working on the weekend as a writer/blogger.

Do I work on the weekend?

Or do I prefer to take the weekend off? And why?

Because of the nature of my blog, I often find that I need to work on the weekend. Much of my blog is dedicated to community events.

If I am not covering the events for the local newspaper, the Island Dispatch, I am using my blog to publicize these events. Sometimes, I use my blog to post photographs that aren’t going to be published in the newspaper, due to space limitations. 

Many local events occur during the weekends to draw a bigger crowd.

They include such events as the Taste of Grand Island, Paddles Up!, the Grand Island Garden Walk,

and open houses at River Lea (the headquarters for the Grand Island Historical Society).

Some of the events occur elsewhere, such as the cherry blossom festival in Buffalo.

Others, such as the Disarm Trident Peace Walk in coastal Georgia, occur really far away.  

Most of these events are fun and colorful. They are a celebration.

For me, the Disarm Trident Peace Walk was a celebration of life, as well as a rejection of weapons of mass destruction. We walked in a beautiful place on weekdays and weekend. Other events are celebrations of the seasons. They mostly occur outside, although, during the (seemingly endless) winter,

there are plenty of indoor events to enjoy, such as Santa Claus’ visits… just about everywhere… because… Santa.

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  1. Where do you want to go today?

    HI Alice, If you are working so hard on weekends, I hope you plan some fun time for yourself during the week. Attending the event is only part of the work, I imagine you spend as much time looking at the screen and tapping out the reports. Have you tried dictating the reports into your computer?

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