Old words and new fun

blogging prompt is to run a contest! And I have decided to run a creative
writing contest that I am hoping will be loads of fun for you. Below is a list
of words that were once very commonly used but have become archaic. Your
challenge is to write something in which you use at least two of those words.
What you write is your choice. It could be a conversation or a poem or a story.
The length is your choice, too. It could be something as short as a haiku. But
try not to post a book-length manuscript in the comments section. Although if
you succeed in doing so, you will automatically win the title of Honore de
Balzac wanna-be. (You’ll need lots of coffee to win that title!)
At any
rate, good luck and have fun. You have until Friday, January 10th,
to complete the contest. On Saturday, I will post the entries and voting for
the winner will commence!

Oh. The prize! There has to be a prize! The winning entry will be the beginning of a timed writing that I will compose and share right here. And, of course, the author will get credit. So, use your imagination and have fun!

Please choose from this list of words:
aliment      food; nourishment
asunder     apart
appetency  a longing or desire
animalcule  a microscopic animal
apothecary a person who prepared and sold medicine
ambuscade an ambush
aught anything at all
avaunt       go away

5 thoughts on “Old words and new fun”

  1. I'll enjoy the winner of your contest but it won't be me. My mind has been torn asunder due to lack of ailment. Me thinks I have an appetency for spring. Alas, alack, I need to seek out an apothecary to prepare me a cure for that longing.

  2. I saw the contest and the words, and here is the first thing I thought of (though not sure how much sense it makes!) and as I was posting my comments, realized how close it was to Alana's comments!! Oh well, it is past midnight now so I will just post it as is:)

    "Avaunt, avaunt!", said she
    to the apothecary,
    as torn asunder was she
    with an aliment appetency!

  3. You will need more than an Apothecary if you indulge your appetency to put asunder what God has joined together. An ambuscade of mammoth proportions will not serve aught in assisting you to flee. And I’m not talking about an animalcule – I mean the other ‘flee’, of the ‘avaunt’ variety – as you try to get away. Nor will aliment serve you in such a situation. Your strength will diminish to that of an animalcule (flea – the other ‘flee’ variety) and resistance will be futile.

  4. Cerebrations.biz

    I always like a contest. It's an aliment to my soul.
    It seems that Alice is getting bored already up in Shuffle-off territory, and has an appetency to engage fellow bloggers in a contest.
    No restrictions at all! Aught! Nothing will tear us asunder from the contest.
    Having spent the week (and devoting Friday to complete the task) describing microbes- that's bacteria not animalcule- and how they resist the apothecary's ability to eradicate them, I will have to first post this as a comment to her challenge. In essence, an ambuscade on her own territory.
    You see, it's important for those of us who write serious blogs- talking about medicine, health, water, the environment, technology- to demonstrate that we have senses of humor.
    After all- the way the world is going, without a cultivated sense of humor, we would truly be doomed.

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