Of bears and shirts and maybe more…

answers to readers’ questions!

Jeanine Byers asked: “Are you still planning a book with your bear, and if so, would you say more about that project?”

Well, yes. I am! It will be a picture book, featuring a bear family: Bearnacle (the sea faring bear), Betty, and little Blunder B. They will have all sorts of adventures and will travel to the Land of the Humans and the Land of the Giants. They will meet the great sea monster, as well as mermaids, who are friends of the Great Sea Monster. They will eat honey galore and, sometimes, they will hibernate. Betty Bear likes to cook for her friends in Bear Land so who knows? Maybe there will be a recipe or two in the book? I have no idea. I’ll just let the stories unfold and see what happens!

Right now, I will spend August and September working on the book, as I won’t have any art challenges during those months. The 61-day Daisy Yellow Index Card a Day challenge ends on July 31st. My next art challenge, Inktober, begins on October 1st and lasts for the month of Ink… October!!!

Doug Jarvie asked: “Can you make the picture of that unique shirt a featured image on your blog so that is shows up on Twitter when I tweet your content?”

Unfortunately, I can’t. Apparently, I don’t have the capacity to do so. I have, however, uploaded it to Twitter, where it appears as my avatar! It should show up on Twitter every time you tweet my content! I am really happy that you like that shirt. I would love to have one of those shirts but I’m not sure how to get past concept to actual shirt construction!

Thank you, Jeanette and Doug, for asking me these questions! I really enjoy interacting with you here. And thank you, Florence, for the question that you asked yesterday. I am really happy that I got past the “I don’t need to blog because I have a perfectly good diary to write in” phase!

Tomorrow’s post: I don’t have a clue. You know the drill. Come back and check it out!

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  1. I think your Bear book about Bearnacle, cute name, sounds like a fun adventure! You should include some recipes that make something easy and fun to transport your readers into the story. Cindy Rae

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