Nocturnal blogging

There’s nothing like it… posting to your blog in the middle of the night, when all of your readers are snoozing happily. But here goes… a few weekend reflections.

Loads and loads and loads of tomatoes at this vegetable stand. 

  • I’m working on entering the 21st century. I’ve been gleefully stuck in the previous century. My computer skills are that old. Yesterday, I went to a training at the library, where I learned all about downloading music from the internet. I learned that there is a difference between downloading music and streaming music. Downloading means that you take the song from the internet and you save on your computer. Streaming means that you find the music online and you listen to it. The music stays on the website. You can dance, you can sing along, you can play instruments but that music just sits at the website. I learned how to download music from the public library website (three free songs a week), from Spotify, and from iTunes. I learned about podcasts. Also, I learned about Pandora, which is an “internet radio.” It creates your radio station for you and plays what it thinks that you want. I also learned about Google music. Today, I practiced what I learned by downloading a song onto my hard drive from the public library. Then, I copied the song onto my digital walkman. And it worked! Cool beans! Beans, beans, my favorite fruit (shut up, alice).
  • Sometimes, disaster can result in good things. I misplaced the cable that connects my camera to the computer. I looked everywhere but that cable was definitely missing, or so I thought. And I had photographs to upload to the computer. This morning, I remembered that I had discovered that the computer has a card reader. It took me three and a half months before I realized that the computer has a card reader. I put the SD card into the card reader and… it worked! Later on, I found the cable.
  • Today, I went to River Lea for the grand unveiling of the grinding stone. It was a good day. I took lots of photographs and did some interviews. In the next few days, I will post the anatomy of a news series… how the story unfolded. Stay tuned!
  • Starting to think about winter… looking forward to snowshoeing in the woods… and taking the bears.
  • sleepy time…

4 thoughts on “Nocturnal blogging”

  1. K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

    I'm looking forward to winter as well because we're supposed to be getting snow again this year! And you really have to stay up to date on technology. In this day and age when things are changing so fast it's easy for anybody to fall behind.

  2. Blogging very day, being in the environment of bloggers, will certainly help in staying up to date with Internet changes!

    When I began blogging 4 years ago it was a whole different field of opportunity than it is today. Nearly everything has changed, thanks to social media and the availability of media online. I get overloaded and overwhelmed many times!

    I wish you the best – good luck snowshoeing amongst those bears!

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