Autumn haiku

It’s kind of a chilly, semi-rainy autumn day. The apples are in the process of falling off the tree. We’ve been having a lot of wind, which has helped to dislodge the apples from the tree. It seemed just the sort of day to write a few haikus about autumn. 
I enjoy writing haikus. A haiku is a traditional Japanese poem. It is very brief, just seventeen syllables. It consists of only three lines, the first with five syllables, the second with seven syllables, and the third with five syllables. Traditional haiku required a reference to a season. A haiku is written in the present tense. Because of the brevity of the poem, each word must matter. There is no space for any filler words!
These days, haikus don’t have to be about the seasons. They can be about pretty much anything. 
So… I will now start making up haikus. I’m going to write them to go along with photographs.

Red, orange, and green
the colors of October
trees start losing leaves.

Fallen from the tree,
a single leaf on the ground
color at my feet

Pumpkin with big grin
painted on with black marker
greets all visitors.

Distinctive colors
on a rainy afternoon
give hope to sad hearts.

Time for fun costumes,
black cats, spiders, and witches.
Happy Halloween.

Just hanging around
surveying the atmosphere
on a rainy day.

A lighthouse stand watch
over pumpkins and old straw
but there is no sea.

The pumpkin looks scared
when poltergeists start dancing
to a windy tune.

on a rainy autumn day
can be a real joy.

OK. Your turn! Feel free to write some haikus in the comment section below! I’d love to read them!

6 thoughts on “Autumn haiku”

  1. I couldn't resist coming to look at your poems since I'm trying to write a poem a day for October on my travel blog. What lovely poems and photos you've combined here to make the perfect memory of fall. So here's my try at a responsive poem:

    Hunched over my computer,
    I see virtual leaves of red and gold:
    Another season closer to winter.

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