Nighttime colors #skywatch #blogboost

Images from July 4th, 2018

Early in the evening, the sky turns pink and purple before fading away to darkness.

Fireworks are like little bits of magic that appear in the sky. Children dance at the sight of them. Parents smile at their children’s delight and, sometimes, they dance, too.

5 thoughts on “Nighttime colors #skywatch #blogboost”

  1. Fireworks are really wonderful. Especially celebratory ones like the 4th of July ones. I once had the good fortune of being on the 4th at a place close to the Mall in Washington DC and had a ring side view from the terrace of the building. I'll never forget that spectacular show.

  2. Beautiful captures, Alice! Our municipal fireworks were postponed due to a thunderstorm earlier in the day. So happy the heat wave (for both of us) has finally moderated.

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