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Today’s prompt in the Ultimate Blog Challenge was to write about something fun and to connect it with my blog. Well, my blog is all about personal stories, with photography, art, and a bit of journalism thrown in. I truly love sharing my story, even when it’s sad (the loss of my dear cat, Zoey). But today… I’m going to share something fun. I went to a pop-up market.

You’re going to ask… what is a pop-up market and how do markets just pop up? Where do pop up markets pop up from? Now you know that I would have to say that because I love playing with words. Speaking about pop, there was popcorn at the popup market. And “pop up” sounds very silly.  Silly is good. I hope that all of you are enjoying a bit of silliness every now and then. It’s not healthy to be serious all of the time.

All right. So a pop-up market is a little farmers market. A very little one. It’s all about food and fun and friends. Yes, that sentence was sponsored by the letter “F.” Not “F” as in you Failed the test so you’re doomed to take it over and over again until you memorized the answers and you’re dripping in sweat and exhaustion.

Wait a second. I don’t think that it works like that but I have an overactive imagination… soooo… anyway, back to the farmers market. Yes, it’s a little one that runs on Saturday mornings.

Today, there were vegetables and berries and cherries and cooked food. You could even get a taste test of vodka. I am not a fan of alcoholic beverages because they taste bitter, which is not better, but other people really enjoyed the vodka. 

This is Bubba of Bubba’s BBQ. 

Oh and there are also chickens running around. Watching chickens is fun. It takes bird watching to a whole new level.

I went over to their fenced in area and they all ran in my direction. I must be a chicken magnet. I never knew that I had a fan club of chickens. What can I say? You live and learn that your fan club is very foul… um… I mean fowl.

7 thoughts on “Images of a fun pop-up market”

  1. peppylady (Dora)

    Hello from Idaho and I stop in from twitter. I also taking part in UBC. Your market ideal remind me of my grand mother during the depression would take cart and sell produce and other wares to help buy her 12 children school and christmas gifts.

    If you have time stop in for a cup of coffee

  2. I love the idea of a pop-up market. it sounds quaint and cute. What you said about alcoholic beverages is so on point – they're bitter and not better :-).

  3. I love a farmer's market. I visit one each Saturday – most Saturday's anyway. And I made mention of it on my blog too today 🙂

  4. I always look for farmers markets when we travel – our travel has been somewhat restricted but hoping to get out for a couple of days later this month. We have an indoor market now – during the heart of the summer (now) it runs twice a week, Saturday and Tuesday – and, starting next Sunday, Sundays also. But no chickens running around. And no kettlecorn.

  5. Wow! This looks & sounds new to me, Alice.

    Must be a great experience visiting different things to try.

  6. I find it very strange that you actually like pop up markets. In our country they are a nuisance as they pop up anywhere – especially on the pavements. Of course they have a licence to operate but they are the biggest problem we have on our streets.

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